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Notcoin is a community token in Ton. Under its influence, a viral game on Telegram has flourished, gathering a huge community of 35 million users. Currently, the development efforts of the NOT ecosystem are focused on creating a gaming platform and tools for exploring web3 projects.

And here's the good news: two leading exchanges, ByBit and OKX, plan to add Notcoin to their listings on May 16, 2024.

Stake TON for Mining

Also, for those who wish to contribute to the network's development, there is an opportunity for TON staking. This will allow you to receive rewards every minute. The more you stake and the longer you participate in TON staking, the higher your profit will be. The maximum turnover is 102,719,221,714.

Here's what you need to do:

✅ Prepare up to 4000 TON on your main account (no minimum staking amount)

✅ From 6:00 UTC on May 13, go to the OKX app, navigate to Jumpstart > NOTCOIN, stake TON tokens, and participate in NOT mining!

✅ Receive your tokens after the mining ends on May 16.

Mining on the OKX Jumpstart platform will begin at 6:00 UTC on May 13, 2024. TON holders will be able to stake TON for NOT token mining.

Please note that participation in the program is not available to residents of mainland China, Hong Kong, and Korea, and personal verification (KYC) is required.