Our service helps to exchange safely and quickly.

  • Creating an request.

    Create an exchange request and get a favorable exchange rate in the shortest possible time!
  • Sending money.

    Simply send the money or cryptocurrency to the details we provide. Please note that each transaction undergoes a verification procedure for compliance with AML standards.
  • Receiving a payment

    You can be confident in the fast and reliable execution of your transfer. Our team will ensure the security and speed of the operation.


  • Cash Bali

    9000000000 IDR

  • IZI Bank

    99587756.46 UAH

  • OTP Bank

    98993172.3 UAH

  • A-Bank

    97982336.65 UAH

  • VISA/Master

    83839515.26 KZT

  • Raiffeisen

    53796135.93 UAH

  • Monobank

    53680873.37 UAH

  • Privat24

    50328395.45 UAH

  • UkrSibBank

    32791035.55 UAH

  • Jusan Bank

    20445002.2 KZT


    17932073.73 UAH

  • Kaspi

    16466254.51 KZT

  • VISA/Master

    11905740.06 UAH

  • HalykBank

    7625148.02 KZT

  • PUMB

    2773892 UAH

  • Оschadbank

    2134330.76 UAH

  • ForteBank

    1304000 KZT

  • Cash Cannes

    789000 EUR

  • Cash Almaty

    765400 USD

  • Cash Astana

    654400 USD

  • Cash Dublin

    483000 EUR

  • Cash Rome

    440030 EUR

  • Cash Milan

    440030 EUR

  • Cash Valencia

    440030 EUR

  • Cash Amsterdam

    348200 EUR

  • Cash Nice

    343400 EUR

  • Cash Lisbon

    274320 EUR

  • Tron

    232242.69 TRX

  • Cash Paris

    231000 EUR

  • Cash Istanbul

    227490 USD

  • Cash Barcelona

    214299.415283 EUR

  • Cash Monaco

    208900 EUR

  • Cash Budapest

    204020 EUR

  • Cash Warsaw

    204020 EUR

  • Cash Berlin

    204020 EUR

  • Cash Prague

    194020 EUR

  • Cash Madrid

    194020 EUR

  • Cash Valletta

    135543 EUR

  • Cash Limassol

    135543 EUR

  • Cash Bali

    135543 USD

  • Tether TRC20

    128230.61 USDT

  • Cash Tashkent

    123400 USD

  • Cash Bishkek

    123400 USD

  • Cash Varna

    123400 USD


    95120 USD

  • Cash Buenos-Aires

    89400 USD

  • Paypal

    58939.75 USD

  • Paxum

    14022.41 USD

  • Tether BEP20

    10000 USDT

  • VISA/Master

    5488.41 USD


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    The emergence of virtual coins has radically transformed the financial market, including the monetary sphere of Ukraine. The relevance of crypto is increasing every day, which is why many Ukrainians have a need for exchanging, buying, and selling cryptocurrency under advantageous and transparent conditions. The cryptocurrency exchange PocketBank provides services for exchanging digital money and fiat currency with a minimal commission and no hidden additional fees.

    Our exchange ensures clients' confidentiality, transaction security, and reliable protection of personal and payment data. This is an innovative service that takes into account all the intricacies of exchanging different assets. The user-friendly interface allows PocketBank clients to safely perform operations with just a few clicks 24/7.

    Advantages of the PocketBank exchange point

    Today, citizens of Ukraine have access to numerous cryptocurrency exchanges that facilitate quick and secure financial transactions with coins. Users trust the PocketBank exchange, valuing their time and money, as they seek to exchange cryptocurrency for Ukrainian hryvnia or vice versa, with funds credited to their payment instrument.

    Advantages of our service:
    • 24/7 online support. Customer service representatives are ready to provide assistance on all questions that may arise during the conversion of virtual funds.
    • Attractive cryptocurrency-to-fiat and fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange rates. Our exchange point collaborates solely with reliable electronic and cryptocurrency wallets, enabling PocketBank to offer optimal conditions.
    • High speed of financial transaction execution. Funds are credited to the card within 30 minutes.
    • Guarantees of transfer security. Our exchange service does not store cryptocurrency, so after conversion, virtual funds are credited to the specified customer details.

    When turning to PocketBank for the exchange of digital funds and asset deposits into an electronic wallet, you gain a reliable partner with honest conditions in Ukraine.

    How quickly can I buy or sell crypto online?

    Cryptocurrency has long become a part of the lives of Ukrainians, who regularly engage in transactions with coins for earning or diversifying their investment portfolio. To facilitate fast automatic transfers, it's essential to rely on the support of a trusted exchange service. PocketBank offers the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrency without being bound to a specific amount, at a time convenient for you, through our website.

    To execute a quick financial transaction, you will need:
    1. To have a cryptocurrency and electronic wallet (for receiving virtual funds).
    2. Register or log in to our exchange service..
    3. Create a request specifying the transfer amount.
    4. Transfer cryptocurrency or fiat currency to the exchange's details.
    5. Wait for the automatic crediting of the asset to our details.

    PocketBank exchange utilizes modern data encryption methods, ensuring the reliable protection of customers from any risks.

    Why choose PocketBank for operations involving various currency pairs?

    Choosing an exchange service is a responsible task that should be approached with careful consideration. It's important to study the exchange rules, registration and user verification conditions, as well as reviews about the exchange. The PocketBank service guarantees a straightforward procedure for converting fiat and virtual currencies with funds credited to payment instruments. Our clients can acquire coins using payment cards from Ukrainian banks as well as electronic wallets.

    PocketBank will become your constant partner for cryptocurrency exchange.